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Date : 16-02-24 17:16
[Labels&Labeling] News - Dilli establishes subsidiary in Europe
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South Korean digital printing equipment manufacturer Dilli has established an office in Belgium to support its growth in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Dilli S.A., to be led by Serge Vincart, will focus on the further development of a network of professional distributors to cover these markets, and support installations of the company’s products for digital label and packaging printing and finishing. The range  is to include printing, die-cutting, laser cutting, varnishing and further embellishment machines.

Over 3,000 Dilli installations are already located in the EMEA region, with labels and packaging business described as a 'natural extension' of its established wide format activity..

Dilli launched the Neo Mercury at Labelexpo Europe 2013, and presented the larger NM-350, with high opacity white inks, variable data printing capability and other upgrades, at Labelexpo Europe 2015. The latest Neo Mercury model is capable of printing more than 1000 sq m of any standard self-adhesive, non top coated labelstock paper or film an hour, at visible flexo like quality while running over 20 different jobs per day,  Dilli claims. The company is to exhibit at Labelexpo Americas 2016.

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